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Sunday, November 29, 2020

The States Have All The Power! The Left Wants Us To Forget That.

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Sunday, November 8, 2020

#Election2020 Isn't Over- And No Matter Who Wins: Faith In Our System Is Shattered.


This show was produced immediately prior to the AP, Fox, MSNBC, ABC & CNN prematurely calling the election for Joe Biden. This is far from over. The irregularities have been manifold, many and staggering. The hubris of stealing an American Presidential Election is unimaginable, yet we stand today with the MSM & DNC joining hands in doing so. With AZ, PA, NC, NV, GA still counting. With mandatory recounts in multiple states, calling this election at this time was incredibly rash and will have consequences because no matter who wins in the end ( I believe it will be Trump) faith in our electoral system has been shattered PERMANENTLY.


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Saturday, October 31, 2020

Texas Bumpercars & #GlennGreenwald #Censored by #TheIntercept to Bury #HunterBiden Story

On this week's spooky #HALLOWEEN2020 #HollowNet, The scariest thing is the lengths the Left & the #MSM will go to in defense of #JoeBiden.From forcing #GlennGreenwald to resign from his own company, to flipping a story of Trump supporters being forced off a highway in Texas to blaming the Trump supporters! It's really more a case of bumper cars, and the Biden bus started it... (We have video, for the record noone's completely innocent they're still lying..) It's getting scary out there. Don't forget to #Vote2020 like your life depends on it, because at this rate, it actually might.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Rioters Loot & Pillage In Philadelphia - Journalists are Attacked & Forced to Flee


    Following the shooting death of Walter Wallace in an armed confrontation with Philadelphia Police, rioters have taken to the streets. The looters sacked over 30 stores according to various journalists such as Elijah SchaefferJames Klüg & Jorge Ventura

 Klüg was forced to flee from a Five Below after being threatened by looters. It went worse for Elijah Schaffer who was attacked. The Daily Caller's Shelby Talcott recorded as Elijah was attacked by multiple assailants.

Schaffer later tweeted that he was headed to an urgent care facility for treatment and we wish him well. The looting continued for hours, until the Philadelphia Police Department arrived to already devastated storefronts. Too little, too late.

 This flies in the face of how Dallas Police dealt with 647 demonstrators entering a freeway bridge illegally back in July. It's yet another example of how City and State governments who are unwilling to deal with the increasing violence of the left are placing more and more innocent people and their property in danger. This has gone beyond irresponsibility or incompetency and has become willful, criminal negligence.

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Oof, Collins Failed To Read Voters – Voted Against Amy Coney Barrett Despite Polls Showing a Huge Jump in Support


    Do you want to get voted out? Because this is how you get voted out. Days after a 9 point jump in voter support for ACB’s confirmation Sen. Collins came out against Amy Coney Barrett. about a  failure to hear your voters.

Sure enough, Senator Collins was the lone Republican vote against Associate Justice Amy Coney-Barrett's confirmation on Monday. A move which may cost her re-election in a hotly contested race against Democrat Sara Gideon.

“It doesn’t seem like her seniority has much influence in her caucus, or that ability to bring things home for Mainers,” Gideon said.

Middle-of-the-road politics isn't strange for Maine which regularly produces more centrist Republicans, but,

“She sticks to the middle of the road. Unfortunately, the middle of the road is filled with roadkill,”said Jack Pitney, a political science professor at Claremont McKenna College.

 According to the Associated Press Collins may be trying to avoid the same fate as her mentor Sen. Margaret Chase Smith, who famously decried McCarthyism at it's height  with her “Declaration of Conscience” speech in 1950. 

This is funny as McCarthy has largely been redeemed in most conservative eyes as prescient with the assertion that "Hollywood has always been red" best told by Phoenix's RazörFist, and even Steve Bannon.

Will Senator Collins suffer a similar ignominious defeat, losing a GOP seat that has rarely ACTED like a GOP seat? Will she be brushed into the dust bin of history as Donald Trump is vindicated just as McCarthy has been? We'll find out next month.

Source: APNews
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