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Saturday, July 11, 2020

The #HollowNet- #Libertarians #JoJorgenson & #BlackLivesMatter? #Antifa #WindowBreaker #CoffinDance

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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

The #HollowNet- #ConservativeDiscrimination & #ProjectVeritas #FacebookExpose, #NationalPopularVoteInterstateCompact

On this week's #HollowNet we are joined by friend of the show: code named: Avalon. Avalon comes from a background of deep-diving the chans and the dark-web and will be joining the #HollowNet more in the months to come. Helping us plumb the depths of the political morass. Today we're talking about #ConservativeDiscrimination in hiring and society, #ProjectVeritas's #FacebookExpose and Tim Pool's reveal of the #NationalPopularVoteInsterstateCompact.

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Sunday, June 21, 2020

The #HollowNet- Once we've forsaken our protectors.

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Saturday, June 13, 2020

The #HollowNet- The Cavalry isn't Coming to The Gadsen Divide

No, bikers are not unifying against #Antifa *(unfortunately), Stop calling it the #CHAZ (Capital Hill Autonomous Zone) or like the WSJ you're giving them legitimacy. And the Gadsen Divide:  When we have incompatible views which side do you choose? To tread or not to tread?
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Sunday, June 7, 2020

The #HollowNet- #AbolishPolice, #BendTheKnee & Other Fallacies

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Saturday, May 30, 2020

The #HollowNet- Fix Our #Culture, Fix Our Police, #UniteOurNation & #LaunchAmerica

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Saturday, May 23, 2020

The #HollowNet- Two Lies & A Truth: Biden #YouAintBlack, Hungary PM #ThereAreTwoGenders & Harvard Prof. #HomeSchoolingIsHarmful

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Monday, May 18, 2020

Epic Trolling: Trump Campaign Site Shows Confused Biden As Error Message

Did You Know? That if you go to, President Trump's official campaign website and add a forward slash and random characters to the URL that the site's 404 Error (click to try it) displays a visibly confused and/or disoriented Former VP Joe Biden with the text: "It appears you are as lost as me."

President Trump has been a controversial figure, with many on the right stridently supporting him and generating vehement loathing on the left. But history will assuredly remember that political trolling reached it's highest expression in the years of President Donald J. Trump.

Lest we forget:
The Trump-copter

The Trump-Navy:

Not to mention as The Guardian reported back in March that President Trump seems to revel in holding competing rallies to almost every major Democratic campaign event, even the Super Tuesday election which he met with a "packed sports arena in Charlotte, North Carolina".

“We like to troll,” the president told a packed sports arena in Charlotte, North Carolina, where polls show a tight contest between Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden and Mike Bloomberg.
Determined not to be upstaged, Trump has made a habit of staging rallies on the eve of Democratic caucuses and primaries. The events, with freewheeling speeches and a host of surrogates, create the impression he is already fighting a general election while Democrats fight internally. It is a strategy that appears to be paying off.
 By all appearances, the #COVID-19 scare has hardly hampered the President's unquenchable thirst for the salty tears of his opponents and their supporters. The trolling and salt-mining will no doubt continue unabated through the 2020 Election and likely beyond it.

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Friday, May 15, 2020

It's Time To Start Living Again By A.D. Holloway

It's time to start living again, no more social distancing and no more masks. We're weakening our immune systems by sheltering ourselves from the outside world and all its germs and viruses. It's becoming a guarantee that we're all going to get sick with something once we start socializing again because our immune systems have been weakened by lack of exposure.

 People who are afraid of getting sick or of spreading it should absolutely stay home if they wish. I want MY choice back. People who are healthy and choose to go about living a normal life should be able to do so. Businesses that want to open as they were before without all this "social distancing" BS should have that option, as should people who want to work for or to visit such businesses.

 Humans are social creatures. Preventing us from interacting, especially our children, is going to have a long-term psychological effect on humanity as whole. Turning schools into prisons where kids must stay in their seats all day and cannot play with one another is going to hurt them so much more than any disease or virus.

 The only way this "new normal" will come about is if we let it. I'm tired of letting fear dictate how my children and I live our lives.
Common sense would have been to quarantine or “socially distance” the sick and those vulnerable to the virus. Fear is locking down the whole state/country, weakening our immune systems by disinfecting everything we touch and preventing exposure to all viruses and bacteria, including those beneficial to our immune systems. Common sense is good hygiene measures. Fear is forcing humans, social creatures, to remain 6 feet apart always and forcing businesses to act at half capacity for the indeterminate future. Fear is turning schools into prisons by keeping kids at their desks all day, unable to eat together in a cafeteria or play together on the playground.

The virus is not going away. It, like the flu virus, is going to be something we will always have to contend with. We are going to have a flu season and a c-19 season. Yes, there will be a vaccine, but not everyone is going to take it or be able to take it, so there is always a risk of people getting infected. New viruses will arise. Are we to lock down the countries, obliterate our economies, for every one that does?

What is being arrested or harassed by police when out for a walk, if not oppression? What is being jailed for opening your business because you need to make money to feed your children, if not oppression? What is having the police called on you for letting your child play at the neighbor’s house, if not oppression? I can go on and on with all the abuses of power done by authorities in the name of “public health”. A cage is still a cage, no matter how pretty it is.
It is fear that is causing people to willingly hand over their freedoms. Fear of contracting the virus or spreading it. FEAR.
So let me ask you, how long should we continue these measures? Until a vaccine is found? We have a vaccine for the flu, yet thousands of people die every year from it. A cure? There has yet to be a cure for the common cold, the flu, or cancer. Do you think they will magically find a cure for this? Should we forever social distance? Should restaurants, movie theaters, amusement parks, concert venues, stadiums, ect forever be forced to operate at half capacity? Should we forever wear masks everywhere we go, despite studies that show they hinder more than help our overall health?

Our immune systems were designed to protect us from viruses and disease by being exposed to them. We humans have survived countless plagues/diseases/viruses without social distancing, and we will survive this one too. However, the damage we have done to our economies and our own health by foolishly trying to sanitize our world will take years, if not decades to undo.
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Saturday, May 9, 2020

The #HollowNet- Russian Troops are in Venezuela as Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo "Protect" Us from #Plandemic & QAnon

On this week's #HollowNet: Facebook claims they are blocking people who are "disruptive to our politics, elections and society" they seem to have forgotten the point of the beautiful, messy American experiment: It's supposed to be barely controlled chaos. It always has been, that's the only way any of this works. Freedom is disruption. Russian has sent troops to Venezuela according to Reuters and China is muscling into Hong Kong as we expected.. All of this as you're being 'spit-roasted' between the Mainstream Media Fear Machine and the States' draconian lock-downs.

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Saturday, May 2, 2020

The #HollowNet- #MayDay, mayday! This is the Test Run for Totalitarian Socialism!

On this week's #HollowNet, Matt talks about the #AntiLockdown #Coronavirus Protests and #MayDay protests around the world, #Trudeu's abortive gun-grab in Canada and a failed attempted to oust Nicholas #Maduro in Venezuela

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Sunday, April 26, 2020

The #HollowNet- #China Has Finished #HongKong, Red States Could Turn Blue as City Dwellers Flee.

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